Zane Saenz

We interview Zane Saenz a highly skilled SUP surfer and racer who’s hooked on foiling! Hear about his future plans of big wave foiling and downwind channel crossings!!

Name: Zane Saenz
Age: 15
Hometown: North Shore Oahu, Hawaii

About a year and a half ago I got on a hydrofoil for the first time. I used a 5’4″ prone board but it was about 54 liters so it was big enough for me to stand up paddle while foiling. The first couple of waves were very sketchy but by the end I was able to stay up on the foil for up to 30 to 40 seconds and I couldn’t get over how it felt and was so hooked on it like nothing else I’ve done.

I really love the versatility of foiling and how I can have fun in almost any conditions. Now I feel like most days I check the surf I’d rather go foiling instead of traditional surfing because there is so much potential and personally more fun especially on smaller days.

As much as I love hitting the lip and doing white water rebounds, my favorite type of wave would definitely be long deepwater, big rolling swells. I feel like it is what foiling is almost made for as just the speed, big carves, and insanely long rides on waves that aren’t even breaking or able to be traditionally surfed, and flying all in the mix, is just an incredible feeling and one of my favorite things about foiling.

I’m planning on trying to tow in to some bigger waves this winter on some outer reefs on the north shore. Hopefully it goes well because I know how you go traveling at crazy speeds while foiling on bigger waves.

I really want to start channel crossings on the foil really soon. It’s getting a lot bigger and the feeling of flying in the middle of the ocean during a downwinder is so crazy. I also feel like it would be more fun than paddling the channel crossing which I have been thinking about doing since I was a kid, but now foiling seems much more appealing and I’m stoked to get into it soon

Boards: Blue Planet Surf custom 3’8”. Foils: Blue Planet Surf Small and extra small wings.


Blue Planet Surf
Kialoa Paddles
Ono Yo Hawaii
Onit Pro
Raw Elements Hawaii
J-Slips Hawaii

November 25, 2019

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