Zane Kekoa Scheitzer

We are privileged to interview Zane Kekoa Schweitzer, ISA World Champion and 2x Ultimate Waterman Champion!

Zane Kekoa Schweitzer @zaniac1
25 yo
Lahaina, Maui

What’s a quick rundown of your athletic achievements outside of foiling?

I owe much of my success to my family and community support. Today I'm grateful to have over 15 world championship event wins between the sports of Windsurfing, Surfing SUP and more including the ISA World Championship, StandUp World Tour, IFCA Windsurfing World Championships and the RedBull Ultimate Waterman Championship!

What does your training schedule look like?

My average week of training is 6 days a week with daily strength training, yoga/breathing exercises, high intensive interval training on SUP Race board, Canoe or even hydrofoil with paddle to flat water pump intervals, along with technical endurance training which I do mostly either SUP Surfing, surfing, downwind coast runs or bike ride.

The hard part for me believe it or not isn't the solid 12-15 hours training a week, its the 1 day of rest I'm supposed to get!
I always end up spending my rest day having fun, spending time with family and friends in the ocean!

Tell us about your early days foiling.

My first time hydrofoiling I was 12 years old on Namotu Island, Fiji with uncle Mike Waltz and Dave Kalama. This was on a first gen Rush Randle Hydrofoil locked in with oversized snowboard boots!

Flash forward almost 8 years later in 2014. I remember seeing Uncle Alex Aguera working with my buddy Kai Lenny on a different type of foil and thought it would be fun to try again. I reached out to my uncle who had an old Rush Randle Jaws Foil board and modifed it onto my Starboard 7'4". I was out of control with very little stability at slow speed, like when riding waves. I shared a photo with Alex Aguera that showed the long metal mast and Sharp G10 foil flipping up into my chest on a bottom turn- luckily I had a impact vest. Alex included me in his testing from there on and I was so stoked to be flying.

We continue our interview with Zane Kekoa Schweitzer, ISA World Champion and 2x Ultimate Waterman Champion!

Why do you love foiling?

I've found so much joy from this sport, every session has a feeling of excitement as we continue to pioneer this sport and push the limits of whats possible with our maneuvers, equipment and how we foil.
I love the serene sensation of silently flying above the open ocean on a downwinder and accelerating out of every turn- it truly helps me to zen out and find my balance.

What are your personal goals in foiling?

My Goals are to innovate the possibilities of this sport and its equipment and to inspire safe practice along with a new connection to nature through my Hydrofoil coaching programs; The InZane Foil Clinics and Maui Sports Adventures Waterman Retreats. I host coaching programs and retreats on my travels around the world and as well as at home at our family's surf camp, Maui Sports Adventures.
Recently I have been focussing much more foil time and foil energy into creating the best Hydrofoil gear with Starboard. I really want to win the up and coming season of downwind hydrofoil races and take Foil surfing to the next level of innovation on foils I have helped to develop!

Random fact:

I am a twin! Today my twin is my guardian angel and I feel my twin brother, Dane's presence often!


Starboard Foils, Wave 1300 and 1700 with the 65cm mast and 85cm mast. I also occasionally ride my GoFoil and AKFoil.


I spend most sessions SUP Foiling as I am a proud and valued rider on the Starboard pro team and R&D team.

Custom backyard eco board reconstructed into a 4'11" from an old 12ft sup - great for surf maneuvers, airs, flips etc, and is also great for strong and big downwinders.
Starboard 6'9" Hypernut - Flat water paddle to fly pumps and minimal bump downwinders.
Starboard 4'8" Foil Surf board for easy travelling.


Starboard SUP
Honolua Surf Co
Maui Jim
Starboard Foils
Black Project Sup

A huge thank you to Zane for giving us an insight into his life and how foiling has impacted him (literally).

September 2, 2019

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