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FoilFeed Friday

Weekly Newsletter – 001

Welcome to our first installment of’s FoilFeed Friday newsletter! Moving forward this will be your weekly source of info from the foiling world, including:

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Let’s jump right in…


Wingfoil World Tour – St. Moritz, Switzerland

*The Wingfoil World Tour event held in St. Moritz, Switzerland is a wrap, and both victors were also named European Champions. Italian Francesco Cappuzzo continued his dominance by edging out Balz Müller (CHE) and Maxime Chablo (CHE) to take home the trophy and the cash. In the Women’s Division, Olivia Piana (FRA) claimed the victory and the European Champion title by beating fellow Frenchwoman Flora Artzner. See you in Morocco in November for the next stop on the @wingfoilworldtour.



Picture by Foil News Magazine


Check out the course, scenery and action at

GWA Wingfoil Race European Championship | DAY 2

GWA Wingfoil Race European Championship | Final day

Teahupoo Foiling Madness

*The south swells have been pumping, and the Teahupoo daredevils were tackling some of the heaviest waves ever ridden on a foil and proving that there are truly no limits. Take a look at the amazing footage of @matahidrollet on @FOILFEED to be blown away. The bar continues to rise.

Let’s not forget Matahi getting shacked in Teahupoo back in 2020 on a foil! Big things continue to happen for this @hurley @takumaconcept waterman.

Matahi Drollet prend un Tube en Foil : Reportage TV Polynésie la 1ère

New Foiling Tutorial

There are way too many “How to Videos” out there, so @FOILFEED will do it for you. Checkout @leroydamo who just released another short video with some great tips from pro riders @keahideaboitiz and @evannetsch – definitely worth a few minutes.

WING FOIL tips from the pros: Keahi De Aboitiz & Evan Netsch


Send us your clips @FOILFEED and FOILFEED.NET and we will you make you famous and you might even get a free bar of wax. Until then, here are a few clips from some people that are slowly getting better and better. Hard work pays off!


See foilers from around the globe apply their creative interpretation of how to combine well-built equipment, wind, and waves for disastrous results. If you have some good “foilage” send them our way.


Do you have a unique story related to foiling or a must-have product you are trying to push? Send your pitch to and be our guest on the FOILFEED.NET podcast. This isn’t tinder, so we will need video/picture and weight verification before proceeding.

Remember to contribute to the FOILFEED.NET forum – you got the news and info we need!


Here at FOILFEED we are trying to get you dialed in with the best gear at the best price. For starters in Europe and USA take a peek at these and remember that better gear means better performance.

Europe –


September 14, 2021

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