NEWSLETTER 2021-11-05

FoilFeed Friday

Weekly Newsletter – 010

Welcome back to our tenth installment of’s FoilFeed Friday newsletter! Moving forward this will be your weekly source of info from the foiling world, including:

  • Foiling News
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  • Reviews and Products
  • And much more!

Let’s jump right in…


Wingfoil World Tour @wingfoilworldtour

Sand, Wind and Wings!
What a event down in Morocco and the winners are……
King of the Desert @hugo.marin_ Queen of the Desert @fiona_wylde

@Foilfeed on Instagram

Watch your head dude


Product Review

Naish delivers again – Naish Hover Wing Foil Carbon Ultra Review


Smooth like butter @misterbennetts


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Want to fly like Morocco winner Hugo Marin?



Do you have a unique story related to foiling or a must-have product you are trying to push? Send your pitch to and be our guest on the FOILFEED.NET podcast. This isn’t tinder, so we will need video/picture and weight verification before proceeding.

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November 4, 2021

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