NEWSLETTER 2021-10-28

FoilFeed Friday

Weekly Newsletter – 009

Welcome back to our ninth installment of’s FoilFeed Friday newsletter! Moving forward this will be your weekly source of info from the foiling world, including:

  • Foiling News
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  • Reviews and Products
  • And much more!

Let’s jump right in…


Wingfoil World Tour @wingfoilworldtour

Are you ready for an historic event? Wing Girl and the Wingfoil World Tour are ready to go, so check out the live feed of the Dakhla, Morocco event starting November 2nd.

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Look at me!

Product Review

Naish delivers again – Naish Hover Wing Foil Carbon Ultra Review


Send us your clips @FOILFEED and FOILFEED.NET and we will you make you famous and you might even get a free bar of wax.

Holy Unbelievable @nikkiibear

Mind surfing this wave the whole time


Sometimes you have to admire kite surfers – the speed and height they get can really add to their wipeouts – enjoy the carnage of this clip.


Here at FOILFEED we are trying to get you dialed in with the best gear at the best price. Take a peek at these deals and remember, better gear means better performance. Click the links and explore the deals in your region.

For the Down Under crew –

For the Puerto Rica crew –

October 28, 2021

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