NEWSLETTER 2021-10-22

FoilFeed Friday

Weekly Newsletter – 008

Welcome back to our eighth installment of’s FoilFeed Friday newsletter! Moving forward this will be your weekly source of info from the foiling world, including:

  • Foiling News
  • @Foilfeed
  • Clips/Review
  • And much more!

Let’s jump right in…


Efoil traffic in the Bay – better leave 10 minutes early for work.

Women making some noise in the world of wingfoiling – who is the next STAR?

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Send us your clips @FOILFEED and FOILFEED.NET and we will you make you famous and you might even get a free bar of wax.

Product Review

Surf FX has a newly released review of the JP X Winger 2021. Is it worth the price? Click on the link below to see!


Plan ahead for Christmas! With the SUPPLY Chain backed up all over the world, it is probably a good time to order some gear, so you will have it by Christmas.


Do you have a unique story related to foiling or a must-have product you are trying to push? Send your pitch to and be our guest on the FOILFEED.NET podcast. This isn’t tinder, so we will need video/picture and weight verification before proceeding.

Remember to contribute to the FOILFEED.NET forum – you got the news and info we need!

October 28, 2021

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