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FoilFeed Friday

Weekly Newsletter – 007

Welcome back to our seventh installment of’s FoilFeed Friday newsletter! Moving forward this will be your weekly source of info from the foiling world, including:

  • Foiling News
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  • Back to Kai
  • And much more!

Let’s jump right in…


The countdown is on! On November 2nd, the GWA Wingfoil World Cup in Dakhla, Morocco will be happening and the Wingfoil African Champion will be crowned.

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Back to Kai

With winter swells just around the corner, what crazy things will we see Kai Lenny do this year?


Send us your clips @FOILFEED and FOILFEED.NET and we will you make you famous and you might even get a free bar of wax.

Smooth Operator

They say you are born with style – Adam Bennett definitely was lucky at birth.


Here at FOILFEED we are trying to get you dialed in with the best gear at the best price. Take a peek at these deals and remember, better gear means better performance. Click the links and explore the deals in your region.


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Do you have a unique story related to foiling or a must-have product you are trying to push? Send your pitch to and be our guest on the FOILFEED.NET podcast. This isn’t tinder, so we will need video/picture and weight verification before proceeding.

Remember to contribute to the FOILFEED.NET forum – you got the news and info we need!

October 28, 2021

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