Posted 3 days ago by TooMuchEpoxy

Naish 1800 front wing slight wingtip wear $250 Custom fuselage and rear wing (fits naish wings and Liquid force masts) $100 Old school LF mast and base plate(select length). $300...

 Surf Foils - Parts /  USA

US $250.00

Posted 4 days ago by deez

2 complete Hydrofoil setups and 2 front wings and 1 foilboard F-Sup, F-Surf, Apollo, Infinity 65, 5'6" foilboard Buy parts or the whole enchilada for a discount. 1. F-Sup V3...

 Surf Foils - Complete /  USA

US $2,500.00

Posted 1 week ago by deanchristener

Selling Signature full carbon hydrofoil setup. Set Includes Following: 1x 165 Albatross HIGH ASPECT WING (Comes with wing protective sleeve) 1x 175 Stealth SURF WING (Comes with wing protective sleeve)...

 Surf Foils - Complete /  USA

US $1,800.00

Posted 1 week ago by kevinalai

4'3" x 20.5 F.L.IE FOIL BOARDS Vacuum Bagged Carbon Board 38 L. Used but still in excellent working condition. Great beginners or novice board. $500 OBO Willing to accept Cash,...

 Prone boards /  California

US $500.00

Posted 4 weeks ago by tother

Mint condition Armstrong Foil Wing HS1050 This is the best surf wing Armstrong makes. I acquired two, selling one, mint condition! Retails for $579 + shipping, selling for $500 THE...

 Surf Foils - Parts /  Hawaii

US $500.00

Posted 1 month ago by Teddy.U

Excellent mint shape. No issues whatsoever. Wing only

 Kite Foils and Boards /  USA

US $550.00

Posted 1 month ago by IcebergMansion

Brand New, never used, mint condition s24 front wing. Comes with thin neoprene cover, box/foam etc. Great wing for kitesurfing and prone chest high+ waves.

 Surf Foils - Parts /  Florida

US $100.00

Posted 1 month ago by IcebergMansion

Brand new, never used, mint condition Neil Pryde Medium Slim 2020 front wing. Comes with the neoprene cover and factory box/foam etc. Great wing, huge upgrade from the old styles....

 Surf Foils - Parts /  Florida

US $250.00

Posted 1 month ago by cynbad

Used for winging, SUP and Prone surfing. A little big for me. I just got the GL 120, so I don’t need the GL140 anymore. It has a couple of...

 Surf Foils - Parts /  USA

US $500.00

Posted 2 months ago by Kjell Issey

$400 Very lightly used 2020 Sunova Talon Generation Edition. Dims: 4'0 x 18 @ 20L. Carbon and balsa construction with pressure release valve up front. Design by Kjell van Sice...

 Prone boards /  USA

US $400.00

Posted 5 months ago by HoneyBadger

Foils: 185, 175, 150, 120(tow kite prototype), 210 Masts: 27in mast 29in mast 33 in mast. Won't separate.

 Surf Foils - Complete /  Texas

US $3,500.00

Posted 5 months ago by tjgulizia

This high aspect foil retails for $1999, letting it go for only $999. Brand new 34" mast (wicked stiff), and high aspect front wing w/ cover (1500cm2) and flat tail...

 Surf Foils - Complete /  USA

US $999.00

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