Linda Conrad

We interview the queen of dock starts Linda Conrad!

Linda Conrad
35 years young
Born in Berlin, Germany, now I live in Auckland, New Zealand

What is your background in water sports prior to foiling?

I windsurfed for about 10 years and even got to represent Germany at three ISAF Youth World Championships. Later in 2016 I discovered SUP Racing and also got into SUP Surfing. That was until the end of last year, when I tried Hydrofoiling.

How did you get into foiling?

I heard all this talk of Hydrofoiling amongst my fellow SUP’ers and was thrilled when my partner in crime Ralph snuck a complete foil setup into our already cramped space for water sport equipment. I was keen to learn it and quickly found myself scrolling through Instagram to get an idea. The jetty start and pumping over flat water caught my attention. In hindsight, this was probably one of the harder ways to learn it.

How is the foiling scene in New Zealand?

It is growing for sure. A lot of surfers are curious about the new carbon extension we have underneath our boards. I always take time to answer any questions and share my excitement. I feel there is a lack of woman amongst us though. I hope to inspire others in person and with my Instagram posts, showing that you can get flying without much of a surfing background.

As a female, have you had a warm reception in the foiling community?

Very much so and it exhilarated the addiction. I have found the foiling community to be supportive and encouraging, giving tips on and off the water. I am very grateful for it.

Would you recommend foiling as a sport to other girls and women?

Absolutely. It’s simply Goosebumps Overload and I look forward to seeing the community grow. I aspire to inspire. Beginnings can be hard, but you certainly learn with every fall.
Tip: Get a helmet and an impact vest to stay safe when you start growing your wings.


Armstrong Foil – CF1200, CF1600 CF2400 with a 75cm mast.


Sup - Armstrong 5’11 x 23 82L
Dock Starts - Naish Hover 112


Armstrong Foils, Garmin NZ, Sharkskin, Blue Seventy NZ, NZ Sunscreen Company, Joovv and Super Me Smoothies.

September 2, 2019

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