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Jeffery Spencer was part of the team who helped develop the first Surf foil in 2016. We interviewed Jeffery, 18yo from Maui, Hawaii and heard about how he got involved with Kai Lenny and Alex Aguera and helped develop the first surf foils!

Since then Jeffery is accomplished in so many different facets of foiling. He’s already accomplished in foil surfing on both prone and SUP, dock starts with over 2 minute rides, he helped test and refine the Sling Wing and one of the top contenders in the SUP foil racing scene.

When chatting about the recent Molokai 2 Oahu he came in a close second to Kai Lenny, Jeffery said, “Kai and I started together but then I led the race until halfway in to the finish around Portlock point. I made a mistake and fell and Kai was able to keep foiling upwind and pass me when I was paddling. The race was super fun though and it felt pretty fast out in the channel!”

Jeffery has a bright future in so many aspect of foiling. Keep your eyes on Jeffery as he continues to push his foiling to the limits and help innovate new ways to utilise hydrofoils.

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September 2, 2019

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