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On the eve of the launch of their website we caught up with Chris Sayer from Freedom foilboards to learn all about their current range of boards and how they got their innovative design.

“I grew up in San Clemente surfing, got super into wake boarding for a few years which is where I first experienced the foil technologywith Mike Mack and his Air Chair / Sky Ski which is a sit down foil.”

“That was easily 15 years ago but the surf foil and technology to fly on waves wasn’t really available so it wasn’t really on my radar. Kai Lenny blew my mind with his first appearance in Fiji pumping around and flying in the surf without bindings…. Just like everyone else I was just baffled by what I was watching.”

“I had built a shaping bay in my garage about 10 years ago to build boards for myself and friends. There wasn’t a lot of people in Orange County building foil boards so I figured I would just shape my own.”

“Just prior to catching the foil bug I had spent a few weeks over in the Metawaiis surfing and was fortunate to spend about a week with Christian Fletcher. Christian and his brother have a real unique design with their boards.”

“We discussed their deep concave decks to help give you a better feel and connection with the board and step rails to add strength. I had a strong suspicion that it would be a perfect design for a foil board.”

“So I have to give Christian the credit for my initial design but I have to say Ive also drawn a lot ideas from Keith Teboul (KT Foil Boards) and of course the God Fathers of OC Foil Ryan and Jeff Hurley at West Coast Foil Club.”

A huge thanks to Chris Sayer for giving us his insight into what a perfect foil board should feel like and telling us where the deep concave concept came from.

Take a look at the full range of @freedomfoilboards above and don’t forget Chris also does custom boards! Head to to learn more.


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We’re working with and are wholesalers for MFC Hawaii and The Hydro Foil Company as well as Lift Foils and Cloud9 Surf Foils.


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September 2, 2019

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