Fred Morin

Hear from Fred Morin about his evolution into foiling and learn about the foiling scene in Tahiti!

Fred Morin
42 yo
Moorea - French Polynesia

What is a background on your previous watersports prior to foiling?

I have now been windsurf foiling for 4 years and was windsurfing for 30 years in competitions. I have also been surfing and stand up paddle boarding for a long time too.

What made you want to try foiling?

I was in Maui for 2 months last year for windsurfing and everybody was so excited about surf foiling. So I tried it, and then I didn’t touch my windsurf equipment while I was there haha!! So my first go was in Maui with Robert Teriitehau exactly one year ago and since then I'm completely addicted.

What do you love about foiling?

One part I love is that it's opening up a new era of sensation, 3D motion, everything is smooth and zen, it's not all about ripping and doing big slashes and hard moves like in surfing, every move is smooth, almost sensual haha!

Also, when the conditions are poor, small waves that are not perfect or it’s windy you don't need to worry about it. With foiling every single session is magic.

How is the foiling scene in Tahiti ?

The foiling scene in Tahiti is growing everyday, there is a lot of pro surfers who are foiling now . I would say that there is maybe 50 to 70 of them riding foils.

Is the surf in Tahiti good for foiling?

In Moorea there is one long wave, but it's a reef brake so it's not as long as some beach breaks on Tahiti island. When there is a north swell there is one really good and long wave in Tahiti called Pointe Venus!

What are you future plans for your foiling?

For now I just want to keep learning something new everyday. I want to improve my surf foiling in bigger waves but my focus is to continue to only paddle into waves not tow in.


AXIS FOILS with 75cm mast and short fuselage.
Surfing - 75cm wing.
Flat water and downwind - 102cm wing.




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September 2, 2019

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