What’s the right size paddle for sup foiling?

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    I’ve just started learning sup foil and I absolutely love it! A guy gave me two really expensive broken paddles. One was broken at the blade, the other at the shaft. The guy is shorter than me (I’m not tall).

    I fixed the broken blade paddle and started using it. It’s only about two inches taller than me. If that’s the right proportion–I’ll fix the other paddle and leave it the same length. If it’s too short, i may try to fix it where it’s longer.

    What’s the right length?

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    I bought the v drive from quick blade and I used their chart, it’s spot in for me. I ended by following the chart with my paddle being an inch longer than I’m used to and it’s been awesome, never hit the sides of the board now. No pain in the shoulder or back.


    Side note, too long is pain in shoulder, too short is pain in back.


    Thanks for the advice


    Hi Eric!

    I’m a long time sup surf paddler, usually rides with the paddle as short as my forehead for 70 lts boards with the water on my ankles, on the foil usually there’s more volume, so you can have it a little longer (1 to 2 inches)or above your head plus the advantage of using your the paddle while fliyng which would add another inch or 1 1/2 inches for pivoting and been able to use it while flying. That’s how I have my own rule of thumb, and right now I’m flying with my race paddle rather than my supsurf paddle.
    I use BlackProject, the Surge is a great option cause it’s really light and it’s reduced diameter grip helps a lot too.
    Anyway, here’s a cool article with their suggestions:


    spot on Omar – thanks for sharing

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