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    Curious what everyone is riding for boards and foils with the wing and why.

    I’m 200 lbs, 6’3

    F-one rocket Wing board 5’4, 70L – lightwinds and underpowered situations. Also might use this one for a long offshore downwind run when the wind might shift or decline.
    Kt Compact 5’0, 40L – When properly powered, still learning and need a lot of wind at this point. Currently riding it strapless since I also use it for prone foiling. People with sinker board experience, are straps a lot easier?

    I ride a lot of everything for foils since it’s my job to test and know them. I’d say right now my favorites are MFC 1400/1600 and Gofoil GL180/210. Maliko 200 for really light days or teaching someone.

    The super-efficient foils with a large speed range really open up the possibilities and get you upwind better. Similar to kiting, you are dealing with a huge potential for speed ranges as you ride around but being able to start with less power is really nice.

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    Is the F-one Rocket Wing you’re on also big enough to SUP foil? I’d like to SUP Foil and use the wing and wondering if the F-one designed to wing foil could also be used to foil.


    At 145lbs, I’m currently learning to wing on a 5’11” 100L SUP by Foil Surf Machines

    (Dwight makes some bomber boards out of Florida. He just started making wing specific boards and he recently sold all his kites he enjoys winging so much.)

    This size board is super stable and easy for learning at my weight. I can stand and uphaul the wing, if it’s not too choppy.

    The foil wing I’ve been using is the Armstrong 2400 wing with the newer HS 232 tail stab. It is huge, stable, lots of early lift, and pretty slow overall (top speed recorded around 18 mph on this rig after going to the HS tail). Despite it’s size and my relative light weight, it doesn’t try and breach when I’m at full speed. It’s easy to keep under control.

    I’m going to be giving the HS 1550 more reps as I get better, but I keep going to the 2400 because it is guaranteed to get me off the water, and quickly.

    Eventually I will hopefully be riding my 33L prone board (Armstrong 4’5.5″) on stronger wind days. May sell the larger SUP in favor of a smaller board wing specific light wind board in the 50-60L Range for knee starts. Or maybe take up SUP Foiling?


    I’m 6’4, 175lb.

    MFC Hydros 1250 for kiting & winging
    1600 for surfing
    Chop shop Hydros 225 tail

    4’8 ~33L KT
    4’4 ~33L I made

    5’6 ~95L I made

    38” custom skimboard, Maui skimmers


    Bclam, No the Rocket wing 5’4 is only 70 liters so I cannot SUP foil with it. I do prone foil with it on really small days. Especially if it is already rigged from wing foiling.

    You could probably SUP foil in the 6′ Rocket wing which has 100L. Especially if you are lighter than me.

    I started on a Naish Hover SUP foil 110L 6′. That worked great for learning, lightwinds, and SUP foiling.

    Steve_tobis, you have to try the MFC 1400 front wing with your 225 tail. Absolute magic for your weight surf foiling. Perfect betweener blend of the 1250 and 1600.

    Kane DW

    I’m 6’1” ~175 lbs

    Split my time between 3 and foils and 3 boards: Signature stealth 175, Albatross 210 and
    NP Slim M
    Range of homemade tailwings

    Kahuna SUP 5’6” x 27” 84L
    Flying Dutchman 4’2” x 19” 33L
    Flying Dutchman Hollow 6’0” 28” 104L
    Sails are Wing Ride 4M and 6M

    The 6m sail really is a game changer for light wind days! The sup and albatross gets up in 6-8kts and about 10kts on the 4’2”!


    What conditions are people using the above boards in?

    Mainly doing DW runs in Perth and can’t say I like the idea of being stuck off shore on my prone. The manoeuvrability would be awesome though. Currently on a 8kg converted sup which sucks, but it isn’t mine and cost me nothing, so I love it. 32’ wide is getting to me.

    I plan on trying my prone winging next time I’m doing a flat water session.



    Richie-rich, depends… so many variables that go into that decision

    200lbs, maybe a bit more in winter with my coldwater gear on. My go tos are….

    13-20 knots – 5’4″ Rocket wing , 6m Wasp, Gofoil Maliko 200 or GL240 or 210
    18-30 knots – 5’4 rocket wing, 4m Swing, MFC 1600 OR 5’0 KT Compact, 6m Wasp, MFC 1400
    28+ knots – 5’0 KT compact, 4m Swing, MFC 1250
    Long downwinder in 24+ knots – 5’4 Rocket wing, 4m swing, MFC 1400



    Well I tried but couldn’t get up in 12-15 on my prone. I suspect it’s about 40l and was rather unstable under water. Managed to get to my feet and get going but not enough to get out of the water.

    I did try an old kite formula race board that clamsmasha converted – about 85l. Wow what a difference. Absolutely loving this thing. Has all the mess and weight under you when up, so the swing weight is heavily reduced. Massive improvement in my foiling straight away.

    Will remain dubiously hopeful that my skill will one day allow a smaller board but for now I’m thinking a well designed 70l weapon will do me perfectly!


    Hi, I currently havnt wing foiled yet but I’ve been wake foiling for 2 years and bought a wing and working on getting a wing board.

    6′ 200lbs

    Just got the slingshot hoverglide 84 at the end of last season upgrading my tacuma v100. Progressed much faster on the hoverglide. Just purchased a 5 meter f-one and cant decide on a first board. Any suggestions? Used to a 30 liter tacuma kite, surf, foil board. Also, I’ll be fresh water foiling and glad to be looking forward to windy days in the future!


    Thanks wingers for all this great info, super helpful!

    I got hooked on winging 3 weeks ago, started on a Fanatic 6’7″ 125L (I’m 75KG) w/Moses 72cm mast 1100 wing. Loved it. Then went to the 5’4″ Fanatic 95L, loved it! Got it in my mind that I needed a smaller board and boom, sold both boards prematurely, because my next board is back ordered and a month out! Now I’m scrambling to find something I can ride!

    I have a slingshot alien air that I am considering trying to ride, 32L, but I’m afraid I may be in for a big disappointment. Scrambling to figure something out…


    You should take a look at the F-one wing boards. They are light and work well. Only potential downside for some is no foot straps. Unless you have consistent great winds I would stick to something close to body weight.

    Dave Bright

    Anyone tried to approximate the Fanatic Sky Wing 5’4″ 95L in a DIY wire and foam? That is the volume I want to build for starters to be used with Wasp Ozone 5 meter that has not even left the factory. A few weeks till my Lake Huron warm enough.

    I have a 1989 Mistral Pandera windsurfer 11 feet long 185L and been looking at sawing front and back off to get 6 foot out of it. Centerboard trunk can be beefed up with some plywood and epoxy and 4 bolts right through to a top plate. Am I crazy?


    I just got a 5m wing for Xmas (best wife ever)
    I’ve got a home made prone board I’ve been surfing behind the boat. It’s a 5’0 x24”x4”. I’m not sure of the volume, but I think it will be pretty tricky to learn on so I’m just going to shape a big 6’6 that will float me and go from there.

    I’ve never done any wind sports to be honest and I’m betting on my natural ability to make it work.

    I’m just worried that I will be underpowered with a 5m as where I live on the Great Lakes, there isn’t really “consistent” wind, and I’m upwards of 200lbs with wetsuit. Before I get it wet, maybe upgrade it to the 6m to be safe?

    First time foiling it took me 2nd try from the dock to get up on foil behind the boat so I’m hoping I can figure it out.


    I’m on the Armstrong 99litre wingsup board and the original slingwing 4.2. Solid and lightweight Armstrong construction. I know that seems like a lot of volume, but I don’t mind as it is nice in light wind and sketchy launches. HS 1550 and 1850 foils working great for winging. Looking forward to winging my 33litre prone board with straps. But need right conditions and deep water. Need to upgrade that slingwing this spring with new model. My heart is still in pronefoiling (the physical and mental challenge, freedom, less equipment) but damn that winging is fun! Hours of foil time, your body being the “mast” connecting an air wing with a water wing, the feeling of nailing a smooth transition….


    I am 5′-7″ and 160 lbs/73 kgs. I started wake foiling in June 2020 and was instantly hooked, so much so that I bought a boat within a week. I also picked up a Slingshot 4′-6″, 24L wake board and their Infinity 84 foil. Had a blast on the lake and learned a ton. I was lucky to score a free mooring on the lake only 10 minutes from home.

    I bought a 4′-11″ Armstrong SKT prone board (38L), which feels like a short board behind the boat (many years of surfing when I was younger). I have struggled getting up on the prone board in waves but am not ready to give up.

    I am new to wing foiling and got a 5′-7″, 115L Quatro wing board and Armstrong 5.5 M wing. I just got back from a trip to the southeast with the sole intention of figuring out the wing ding, which went well. The wind was nuking some of the days so I picked up a 3.5 M Armstrong wing, which was a joy to handle. I also got an Armstrong HS1850 on 72 cm mast (and 1250 for prone) and 232 tail stab. The 1850 is a huge improvement over the Infinity 84 – lighter with less drag and handles speed better. I got a half dozen days on foil and dialed in my water starts both regular and goofy side. Lots of work left to do with gibes and switching feet, but the speed is so addictive. I am stoked to dial in the wing well enough to wing foil on the 4′-11″ SKT board.

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