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    Kane DW

    Thought I’d start up a thread on SUP foil boards. What is everyone riding? How do you feel the shape or elements of it help or hurt your riding? Where are board shapes going in the future?

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    Zane Saenz

    I’m riding a SUP Foil board thats supposed to be pretty high performance. It’s a custom Blue Planet Carver and its 4’8″, 24″ wide, and about 60 liters. The rails are pretty straight and the board is pretty square. Honestly shorter is definitely the way to go in SUP foils just like prone foils. The squareness doesn’t look attractive to normal surfers but honestly once you’re up in the foil the squarish board shape does not change that much in comparison to the advantage the tiny length dimensions it gives you. In the air especially while trying to do flips and alley oops and all that it is way easier to control the board, but also the pumping is so much better. The only problem with it being that wide and straight is that sometimes when you turn really hard the rails hit the water, so maybe I’ll try to sacrifice some thickness to make the board a little more narrow in the future. Putting channels on the bottom of the board really helps the flow of the water so it doesn’t stick as much as a flat bottom when the board hits back on the water or when you do a whitewater rebound. A little angle on the bottom near the tail helps to pop back up too and especially when trying to get into smaller waves by straight pumping really hard while paddling into it. Basically curvy bottoms and fancy channels seem to work better haha. My board has a flat deck but in theory I wonder how much a recessed deck would impact the ride because you get a lower center of gravity and stay closer to the foil just a tad.


    Zane – just curious how you stand up on a 4’8″ before you catch the wave. I’m 6′ and I think it would be hard to stand on a board that small when you’re not on a wave or foil yet.

    Zane Saenz

    I’m 16 so I only weigh about 130. Im used to riding tiny SUP boards since I do a lot of performance SUP Surfing too. The board sinks a little when I don’t paddle, but the foil board is actually way easier to stand on than normal SUP boards because the foil under stabilizes the board a lot so it is not all shaking while the board is sinking. You can go smaller on a foil than you would on a normal SUP cuz of this. But it really just takes a lot of practice to really get used to and take advantage of smaller SUP boards.


    I’m 5’11” 155-160 lbs and I ride a 5’8″ 115 liter from http://www.supsurfmachines.com/
    I was on his 6’4″ then went to the 5’11” and now this is my favorite of his for sup foiling. I’ve also owned the 7’11” easy foiler, slingshot out wit 6’6″ and their first edition foil sup. Sup surf machines is years ahead in design, check his site out for the detail. I pair all my stuff with Axis foils. I’ve owned naish, blue planet, slingshot, Neil Pryde and I’ve found Axis is my favorite with Neil Pryde second. Axis is super stiff so I can sup foil in over 20 knots of wind and they have tons of new options for wings.


    I’m really curious about the recessed deck designs I’ve seen. Not sure how well this will work for surfing with water getting up on the deck all the time.

    Foil Feed

    Hi ScotY,

    Generally it’s not really an issue unless the scooped deck is really deep.

    Most riders who try a board with a scooped deck like it, the idea is it puts your back foot closer to the mast and gives you more control over the foil.


    Hey Guys.
    I’m new to foiling and started riding a 6’6″ x 27.5″ 110 lts as my first board (around 2 months ago).
    It’s been great for learning and progession, I already ordered a new 2020 Infinity Sup Foil Tombstone 5’2 x 26″ with 90 lts (arriving in may), I’m 70 kgs (155 lbs) and used to 70 lts sup boards, the foil helps a lot stability wize! But still, is a different thing to get used when tried under 6´x25″ when it gets choppy, the shortness of the board is a new kind of stability to figure out.

    Thanks FoilFeed for the comment on scooped deck, the Infinity will have lots of it, and hope I can go next level carving on it on open waves.

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