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    Hi everyone.
    I hope this is not a redundant question that was answered before.
    Recently my wife and I started foiling,…well she is still working on getting up.
    Anyway, I am making good progress on wing foiling and a little less on SUP foil.
    I have bought 2 boards from a small start up in Vancouver area called Stinger Foils.
    The 95l board I am using got inadvertently rolled around in waves and suffered a side impact that knocked the track box loose as well as delamnd the bottom and cracked one track. I live remote and am going to drop in a new track box HD foam cassette that this time should be fused to the deck instead of floating in Eps.
    My questions to you, what router and what bit would best suit to pull the old box out?
    A router with a 4″ bit? or a long blade on a jig saw? I don’t want to destroy the board.
    Next,how do I build up HD foam to fill the 2″ space from the top of the box through the deck? Or is it enough to pour foam into channels I cut through the blank and laminate those into the deck?
    Lastly, my wives board is till fine, but how can I best add strength to the box that also floats in Eps? I am thinking with a hole saw cut 4 columns from the deck into the HD part of the track box, fill with 4lb 2part foam then carbon/s-glass into deck.

    Lots of technical stuff here, thanks for your help and happy foiling!

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    Kite Drive,
    I think lots of people have experienced the same problems with foil boards. Even my early foil boards have had the boxes come loose.

    The best tool I have found for cutting out the old boxes is a plunge cutting blade on one of those funny reciprocating tools or “oscillating multi-tool.”
    This makes for really clean and precise cuts if you take your time.


    I like the idea for the 4 columns of 4 pound foam dropped in from the topside. Could work. Let us know if it works


    I went through the deck, dug out the old foam preserving the bottom laminate, bonded boxes to the bottom laminate and 4lb pour foamed to reinforce/refill. Flush cut saw the excess foam and ptch the deck


    I’d just warranty it with Steve. I’m good friends with the owner and he’s a reasonable guy. Send him an email and see what he says.

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