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    Does anyone have a preference to which type of rope should be used for towing in ?

    I have been using a standard ski rope and it seems like a rope with a bit more stretch in it would be better .

    When towing back out through the surf/swell the slack in the rope is nasty when it comes tight again .

    Is it our technique that needs improving or is there a better type of tow rope we could use with a bit of give in it .

    Thanks in advance

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    The really good big fat yellow rope made for tow surfing would be best–but those are super expensive.

    I’ve settled for a rope that is made for towing inflatables behind a boat. You’ll have to adjust the length. It’s made of polypropylene, so it floats–it has a thicker diameter than a ski rope so I like it better.

    Towing perpendicular to the waves (straight out) will always do the nasty slack then tight. Avoid towing straight out in waves, when possible. And for sure don’t try to tow up on foil straight out through waves.

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