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    Good Morning, everybody,

    I’m thinking about the shape of a SUPfoil 5’6” x 24 100l and I measure 5’7” for 68kgs.

    Visually I like the double concave at the front and a shrinkage at the case level so that when I hit the keys there is less wet surface and therefore go up faster.
    Only I never had the opportunity to try this kind of shape.
    I’m appealing to the foil community about the advantages and disadvantages of the different hulls.

    I’m also putting you a picture of the hull I designed…

    Thank you for your feedback

    cross sectional view

    Hull back

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    My thoughts: Build that board. Try it out. If the concept is good–make the next one similar. If it isn’t good, make the next one different.

    I like the look of your hull design. Will it work good? One way to find out.

    If you build it, you will know.

    Keep pushing the innovation!

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