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    Has anyone had a chance to ride the new takuma wing yet ? It will be interesting to see how it compares to other small high aspect wings , unifoil Hyper 170, lift 170 ,etc

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    Just tested the Kujira 980 down winding here in the Gorge on Saturday. Two words…mind blown! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought a 980 would be enough wing to get me going on my 5’6 SUP Foilboard, but it works. Can’t wait to get the 1220 and 1440 here to Hood River, these will be money for Downwind on the less than nuker days. I’m a believer in biomimicry now:)


    How big are you? What foils would you say have comparable lift? Is it close to the LOL 1300?


    The few shop owners I’ve talked to a out it all report the 980 is supposed to be on the same level as the 1300. Pretty wild. Makes me want it a ton.

    Has anyone seen size stats on it? Wingspan and such?

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