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    Good day all, I’m a new kid on the block still trying to fly. Riding a small SUP & the NP large with large and small tail wing options, trying to dial it in. I’m 135 lbs or 60 kilos in light winds (mostly). I am still messing around with the large tail wing, should I be using the small? should I shim it? which way? There is so much info, its hard to figure it all out. Any help is appreciated. thanks.

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    I’m not really familiar with the NP setup. If the foil manufacturer recommends using shims, then yes-shim. If not, then don’t. I believe the large is a pretty big wing for 135 pounds, so if shimming is done–I wouldn’t recommend shimming for more lift.

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    Go with the large, no shims till you’re comfortable dropping in and catching waves. Then throw the small tail on with no shimming it. That’ll speed it up a little and make it turn better. If you’re not getting the lift you need then move foil forward a little in tracks, too much lift and can’t push the nose down, move the foil back a little.

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