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    I surf a sandbar beach break all the time and often grab the board by the nose while walking out through the waves in waist and chest deep water. Frequently oncoming waves detach my grip from the nose of the board. A foilboard setup doesn’t like moving backwards when rewinding it to me with the leash. It’s really better not to lose my grasp in the nose in the surf, punching through.

    I’ve been thinking of setting up some sort of grip or short rope or handle or something on the nose of my prone board to see if it helps.

    Maybe two leash plugs with a web handle between.

    Am I the only one that sees the need?

    I’m claiming the invention if it catches on.
    April 2020–let it be known

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    Those of us who learned to safely handle surf SUPs in bigger waves sorted this out with tail handles. There are guys at Mavericks who can manage 10’ boards with a tail handle. In your case you’d just move it to the front.

    You’re on the right track but no rope without covering as it could stretch and pinch (or remove a finger)

    There’s are two main ways.

    One is the NSI stick on leash plugs. But put some vinyl hose over the rope (I use paracord) so it won’t pinch. I added some foam pipe insulation and made it 1.5” overall.

    Or, and this is probably best for a foil, use a piece of kick pad foam and dig out the back so your fingers can grab a little.

    I’d say backwards kick pad would be cool and a cheap eBay tail pad would get you 2 or 3 pieces and you can use the rest for front foot traction.

    This is covered ad nauseaum over on the Standup Zone forum.

    The main safety idea is that if a wave is too big the handle allows the board to slip away without taking a finger or pulling a tendon. Just giving a bit more grip is all you need. A foam triangle will work perfectly I’ll bet.


    Great thoughts and good points.

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    That’s interesting, I had the same problem only yesterday with the board slipping out of my hands. The grip on nose sounds like an easy fix.


    My tech is use the back stab to get out from ankle to thighs. Then lay board on the side to get to just over hip using one hand cramping one rail. Then I’m.away prone from just above waist using 75cm mast. if I hit impact zone I just jump the waves with my board and hands on each side the the board half way down.

    Does your beach depth and gradient maybe means my tech might not work?

    There is a product on the market for learners I think. Round handle that might stick to board


    It’s even worse when you have wetsuit gloves on.

    Maybe something like what Bethany Hamilton uses on her boards? Pretty simple rope/handle solution, but albeit closer to the nose edge for foil boards.


    coming from SUP, I’ve put the SurfoCo handle on the back end of all my boards. It’s fantastic for keeping control of the board in the impact zone. I put a handle on my sup foilboard and use it all the time, but it takes way less pull in my experience. I think the foil is creating lift and keeping the board at the surface and therefore reducing the “drag” it has – so its much easier to hang onto. I haven’t tried holding the nose, that’s also a very interesting idea. I’m guessing the ideas above to use a piece of deckpad might be perfect.

    This must be what I keep seeing on the nose of some kalama sup foil boards – was wondering about that…

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