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    Couldn’t get behind a boat in San Diego during my recent visit so when I got back I gave google one last Hail Mary and lo and behold in AirBnB there was a foiling experience.

    Peter DeAvila is an experienced captain with a nice little Whaler and an Infinity 6’10” x 27” FoilSUP and GoFoil Maliko 200 and all the stuff you need. He’s patient, tells you what you need to know, and a great hang.

    I went out today and lo and behold I flew! Conditions were rough and I almost gave up. 2-3 ft swell and 12 knot winds made it hard to stand on the board and taxi. But I got a couple of short flights and felt what I need to feel. There truly is nothing to compare it to. I get it now. The silence, the smoothness, I describe it as sliding over oiled glass.

    I’m going to head out and get into some whitewash and see what’s what. If a buddy goes out with Peter, I’m sure I’ll tag along for some more boat time but on any smooth day, this will get you sorted. I had a ball even on a rough one.

    I was staggered by how slow the Maliko takes off. 5 knots and I was in the air. At that speed, I never felt in danger and could safely bail whenever I got a bit off. (A lot of the time lol) I can see how in waves people might think this is hairy but on a big wing, behind a boat, you can learn at an insanely slow speed. Really cool.

    If you’re in LA and want to see if foiling is for you, check this out. Oh, and yeah, I’m sore from head to foot. This sport is a workout.

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    The boat is definitely the way to go. Learning in the surf from the start is a hard way to progress. An hour or so behind the boat will give you a bit of a feel for how the foil rides and save you many sessions in the surf.

    12kts can be a lot of wind when learning how to foil. SUP boards being so big, really catch the wind once you are on the foil and the board is up in the air. The less wind the easier is will be to learn.

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