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    Hi all,

    I would like to start a discussion about foot positioning for prone foiling.
    When I started out my pop up was a bit rusty so got some good tips from YouTube on specific exercises to help improve.
    As we all know foot position has to be right to fly our foils, and if your feet are not in the right position straight away it is quite hard to move them.
    I struggled to get my front foot far enough forward and found a fix for that was lying a bit further forward on the board. If anything that also helped me catching waves. As for the back foot I still find it is off to the right or toe side rail, so I have to consciously move it across once up.
    Not far off ordering a new board and thought that it would have to be wide in the tail to allow for this, my foiling mates disagree and say a narrower tail will force the foot to be more on centre.
    Interested to know if anyone else has experienced this or has any advice or drills that can help.

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    I found tactile footpads to help immensely. That helped me get and keep my feet centerline and well placed fore/aft. Now I move around a bit on the deck, but I always have a reference of where I am without looking. I did a full writeup on installing them in a semi-permanent way on my SUP, and I did the same on my prone board. Its even more of a big deal to get my feet right on prone. My back foot goes pretty much right over the mast and front foot 25″ forward (center of foot to center of foot).,34106.msg387396.html#msg387396


    Very neat job, will definitely consider that.


    I had pretty bad foot mechanics at the beginning; I’ve gotten a lot better–but not perfect. I was riding a board with a relatively narrow tail at the beginning. I found that I would actually have my toes on the rail of the board. The narrower tail didn’t force me to center my foot–I just hung it over the side.

    An arch bar grip pad is a great suggestion. Hit up ELS Foil Vessels for a foil specific grip.

    What I’ve found is the pop up happens in two stages. You have to get your feet “pretty darn close” to the perfect position on the initial paddle in pop up. Then when you’re up and flying, you have to make micro-adjustments of one or both feet. Having those tactile references is really helpful. Some people even use an arch bar in their front pad.


    Thanks Eric, will give the arch bar a try.

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