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    Newbie here, 3 weeks, so bear with me!

    I find the format on this forum a little difficult, and I really prefer the user friendliness of I also like the be able to thank people for things they add. But the site is getting easier as I use it more. Side note over.

    For those kite foilers, like me, who have switched to winging, but who dread the huge, then big, board, has anyone successfully gone with a one board quiver, (like the Alien Air I already own) and in strong winds (where I foil) wing it, then in lighter winds use the kite. Light winds are 8-12mph, normal winds are 17-21mph.

    I would think straps would be preferable for waterstarts, but my thinking is purely academic at this point!

    So, carry two boards (two board quiver) or carry one board, a wing and a kite?

    Super interested to hear from those who wing with or have a low volume board, their complaints, limitations and what they consider ideal.

    Thanks so much!

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    I ride a 31 liter 4’8” prone board. Been foiling two years. I just bought and then sold a 5m duotone. My reason for selling it was the prone board was to hard. I used a 1750 cm foil and could get the nose out of the water but not really break free to get on foil. Succeeded once. But I realized I’d need a bigger board. Didn’t want to buy a bigger board.

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