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    Just finished a new board. Decided on this build after destroying one homebuilt and one production board.

    Not considering other production boards because of cost and weight.

    I’ve been using 2 on eps with 2 6oz sheets top and bottom. The EPS seemed like the weak link, and was fussy in construction with pinholes and constant fears of water intrusion.

    Decided to step it up and go with a solid 3lb divinycell core. Totally rigid, closed cell, structural, water impervious. Light years better than the EPS. $250 for a 24x48x3 block. Cut glued and shaped a 4’4x20x3 blank, pillar foil box construction will be bomber in the divinycell. Added strap inserts and glasses with 2x 6oz carbon all around and an extra patch over the foil mount.

    Faired the bottom with q cell.

    Finished with some leftover Linear polyurethane from a boat I built over the summer.

    Came out @7.5 lbs, feels so hard I’m gonna hurt myself on it.

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