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    I’ve had four solid prone surf foil sessions on the medium slim and two kite sessions.

    I typically ride the large wing in dismal knee-to-waist high surf and weigh 170lbs, connect 3-4 waves and am intermediate/advanced etc.
    I did a side-to-side comparison with the large, medium, and multiple tailwings (small and custom) yesterday in waist high fun foil surf.

    The slim wing is flatter, slight gullwing shape, thinner chord, thinner wing. Denser and doesn’t float in the water sideways nearly as much.

    Compared to standard medium and large:
    -Liftoff is slower and you can’t really ollie it onto foil, need a better push so probably not usable in less than knee high surf. With my large I can foil in shin high waves since I can essentially pump onto foil and then pump around to the next wave to keep going, this would not be possible on the medium slim.
    -Glide and speed are markedly better. It’s much faster and just an overall better experience on foil.
    -Lift is slightly better than medium but less than large.
    -Pumping is totally different and I’m still working on it, connected a few doubles but I still don’t have the technique (I have it dialed on the regular wings and can easily connect 3-4 waves until my lungs burn out).
    -Turning is much much better and surfing is awesome. I think the gullwing helps. It rips in the surf, I had some steep drops and some doubles with fast wrap connections and they were a blast. It also picks up quite a bit more speed on turns than the standards and since it is so much more maneuverable you can do lots of small turns to build extra speed.

    I switched back to the regular wings and was horrified at how slow and boring they were in comparison. Plan is to ride the medium slim as much as possible and only use the large in shin high waves. Excited to learn the pump technique and really open up the possibilities with this wing!

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    Ive got to agree. I normally ride a couple of long pointbreaks that suit mal riders where you can walk back to the top of the point. As such I havent focussed on pumping too much and would ride the standard medium wing 95% of the time and focus on turning. Ive had 4 surfs on the medium slim and have to agree with everything mentioned above. The feel feel is a lot smoother, especially when turning or going through a steep section, you dont seem to have to worry about controlling the foil height nearly as much. It also feels way more knifey when turning. Feels like you can turn harder and faster. I feel like its changed my style for the better in only a few surfs.
    Reckon it pumps somewhere between the standard medium and large but feel like once you get the pump on this wing dialed it might be just as good as the standard large? Havent gone back to the old wings yet but not keen after reading the above! If you are thinking about whether to get on or not, get one and up your game for sure.


    Figured out the pump by kiting with it and also listening to progression podcast episodes. Actually pumped way out to a passing boat yesterday and rode their wake back in. I’ve been surfing microscopic 1.3 to 1.6 feet at 6-9 seconds lately and connecting as many waves as are available.

    I can now ollie onto foil with hardly any wave speed just like the large and then start pumping and build tons of speed like gears on a bike.
    Never going back to the large now that I have this dialed in.

    For progression I highly recommend:
    1) Large front large rear
    2) Large front small rear
    3) Medium slim small rear

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