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    I tried many leashes, and my favorite so far is the 5’ grom da kine leash. Tried other 5ft leashes, but they are to thin and wrap around your ankle. The da kine leash is slightly thicker then others. Tried coiled leashes and will never touch that again for prone foiling. What’s your favorite and why?

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    I’ve tried standard/grom & now got a foil coil & don’t like any of them. Why are leashes so annoying when prone foiling?, I never had any issues when I used to normal surf.

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    Topmick, with such a short board compared to surfing, the leaches often connects to the board around about your knee rather then near your foot on a surf board. This means as you paddle for the wave or when the wave pushes at the tail of the board, it can push the leash onto your feet or lower leg.

    In prone surfing, the wrong leash can actually make it really frustrating!

    Personally I like the Naish 5 foot prone leash. Whatever the brand, a swivel at both ends is essential.


    Standard leash that I velcro onto whatever board I happen to be riding that day. When that leash breaks I switch to a backup in the car and ride that one to death. Buy a new one for the car.


    I have a love hate relationship with leashes. I find all the ways to get my leash wrapped around my front foot, back foot, toes, get tied to the board, get it wrapped around my rear stab right as I turn to paddle for a wave, you name it. Hate stupid leashes.

    At the same time, I’ve found that a foil board, in the chop slop surf I love to paddle out in, will “swim” or “sail” away from me. I’ve had some really long desperate swims back to the beach chasing my board as it dry-docks on the sandbar. In those cases I love leashes.

    I rarely deal with any type of crowd, so I don’t usually wear a leash with crowds in mind–it’s all about my need.

    I tried coil leashes for a while. Maybe I had the wrong leash, but somehow I would get the thing to really slapping the board as I pumped. I have nonstop trouble with tangles. Don’t use those anymore.

    I find myself, when I feel I really need to use a leash, using a 5′ DaKine comp leash. It’s the best, I’ve found for prone.


    Just throwing it out there as a possible solution to leash tangles.
    Could off-setting the position of the leash plug (off-set to left for goofy / right for natural footers) possibly help reduce tangles ?

    Anyone tried it ??


    I cut a wine cork in half, drilled a hole in it and then put it around the middle of my leash and taped it in place. It adds just enough flotation to keep the leash from getting tangled around the foil (6ft comp leash).

    As far as leash plug placement, foil boards are much thicker than surf boards. I just got a board off a guy and he had installed a leash plug on the back of the tail (not on the top of board, think on the back rail). So far I’ve been really liking it, and feel like my feet don’t get tangled in the leash nearly as much as with my other board.


    The boards I use have the plug on the back rail but in the middle, I wonder if it was off-set like in the pic below – it could help.


    I hate wearing one now…I never do unless it’s a dicey place with people inside of the wave.
    When I do I use a booger coil leash. It sucks but it sucks less than the others I’ve tried….good for winging if I connect it around the waist though…maybe I should try that.


    Mick, I like that vent position too.


    Dakine 5′ 3/16″ leash works well for me. Any longer and it hooks my foil wings.


    I’ve settled on the 6’ FCS Freedom Leash. It’s the only leash I use between surfing, prone foiling, and wing surfing. Seems to rarely get tangled , especially if I give it a run down before a wave comes my way. I’m going to add that wine cork mentioned above to give it a bit of added flotation.


    I’m liking the Dakin Superlite 6″ because it floats so doesn’t wrap around your wing or coil up. When I bought it, it had kinks in it from the packaging.

    It was an easy fix, boil some water, just when some bubble start take off the stove, drop only the clear leash part in the water for 2 min, hang it up somewhere with a small weight on the bottom to keep it straight till she cools 🙂


    FCS freedom leash is the best of about 5 I’ve tried.
    Never tangles
    Hands down the best but haven’t tried some leashes mentioned above


    After enduring a coil leash for a couple of months, I’ve gone back to a 5ft comp leash. Trying this leash plug posistion on my next board.


    Haven’t found a favorite yet, seems like an unsolved problem for prone foiling, just waiting for some clever person to come up with a leash that won’t get in your feet on pop up and doesn’t drag in the water when riding. I’d be first in line to plop my money down. So frustrating to often spend those precious first few seconds extricating my back foot from the leash…

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