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    While we all probably recognize each other from instagram, here’s a spot to introduce yourself and post about your foiling background.

    San O (SoCal) foiler here, riding MFC and Signature Foils, Freedom and Infinity Foil Boards.
    Foiling for about a year and a half and just barely getting 2 for 1s, haha

    I saw Kai getting multiple waves in this video and knew I had to get into this foiling thing!

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    Kane DW

    Hi everyone! Stoked to be part of this community and help moderate the site. Forums like this are a great way to learn from others in the community! You probably know me from Instagram @kdmaui

    I started foiling early on, it was lower impact than surfing which was nice for my recovering knee. What attracted me to it the most was it being a mix of all my favorite things: surfing, flying, and aero/hydrodynamics. Before that I did tons of competitive sailing and flew RC gliders. Now I design foils, foil boards, and normal SUP boards.

    Gear wise I’ve been loyal to the best stuff I can get my hands on. Favorite setup so far is my KD 4’2” Flying Dutchman board and Signature Stealth 175. Riding that 90% of the time.

    Favorite things to do foiling are design and help other people!

    If anyone has foiling questions feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram or even better, post it on the forum and I’ll be more than happy to try and help you out! Hearing from people helps me learn too so it’s a win win!


    Hey fellows foil fiends! I live over in Virginia, where the waves can get ‘good’ on occasion, but are prime for foiling quite often.

    With a small family and working all the time, foiling has allowed me to get in more sessions when I’m free and not be too ticked off if I miss a surfing swell.

    Now winging is giving me even more opportunity to sneak in lunch break sessions on the James River by my house.

    I’ve gone down the Armstrong rabbit hole and have been enjoying the gear throughly. Hit me up if you have any questions about Army’s wings or boards.


    My name is Eric Christensen. I live where Mexico and USA meet the Gulf of Mexico. I’m 42 years old and I surfed for 30 years before foiling came along.
    I started hydrofoil surfing (prone) in Fall of 2016. I was an early adopter. Hydrofoiling made my local surf spot world class!
    Listen to my Progression Project Podcast Interview–I talk about the start of it.

    I’ve been riding Naish, Axis, and Onofoil hydrofoils. I ride a 4’4″ x 21″ x 39Liter Onofoil Prone EricFoil Model (available on the website). I mostly prone foil; 2-1/2 years experience, but lately I’ve been learning the wind wing and I’m loving learning to SUP Foil.

    I’m 5’7″ tall and weigh 175 pounds. I’m a regular footer (trying to learn to foil switch with the wing).

    I’m on instagram as @ericfoil

    Don’t confuse me with Erik Antonson. His Instagram handle is @the.progression.project
    But check out his Insta also–good stuff.

    I love to work in my little fiberglass shop–“The Black Lab” and build and repair things associated with foil surfing. I build foil boards also. I’ve built and ridden my own hydrofoil front wings and love trying prototypes and new wing designs.
    My buddy, Brian Finch–you know him as Foil The World–calls me the DIY King. I love to design and build and modify; I always have.

    I’m a Christian Man with a big family and a loving wife of 22 years in April.

    I tend to go on rants about foiling terminology; I think we’ve named some things incorrectly. Don’t get me started.

    I’m in the water as often as i can be. I’m mostly the only experienced prone foil surfer within 200 miles. There are two sup foil surfers in my area.


    Kia ora, my names Jordan, 25, and im addicted to foil.

    My whole life has been based around 2 things – the ocean and fibreglass.

    I started building flat water sups around 8 years ago and it wasnt long before i started trying bigger fins with little foils on them to help with downwind planing. It was always a dream to one day get one fully flying a la FLYAK flying kayak on youtube, i dont think there was a single person who believed it was possible

    Several years and many foil failures later i finally achieved flight in february of 2016 using my first ‘conventional’looking foil on a surfboard towed behind a boat

    6 foils and 4 boards later on xmas day 2018 i did what i set out to do – no wind flat water flight on a 100% hand made sup and foil.

    Since then there has been a lot of experimentation, trying to find that magical high lift, high speed shape. With the big grey gull wing i dont think im too far off!

    Woops that turned in to a bit of a biography.
    If anyone needs any diy or design advice id love to help, i dont have a phd in foiling but i do understand how they work and how to build them fairly well.
    Remember if youre stuck for ideas, look at nature. She did it first.


    Hi everybody, Tucker Vantol here. 33 years, 200 lbs, Central Lake Michigan, Married with 5 kids

    Lifelong surfer, sailer, boardsports person. First got turned on to foiling watching Laird in I think “step into liquid”. Mind blown, but did not make the small wave connection for years after the fact. Got into engineering in high school and made some hydrofoil fin prototypes for an engineering project/competition hoping they would help amplify our slopey windswell type waves. Won the contest, but the concept fell flat.

    Picked up kiteboarding around 2012, progressed quickly with that and got a job with 2014 or so, we started to get some custom carbon foils from Lift and those early brands. Was hell to learn on a race type foil and straps. So many taco and scorpion falls. Progressed in that and naturally gravited toward the larger foils looking for more glide and surf-ability.

    I want to say the first “surf foil” I had access to was a Slingshot hoverglide NF2 with the H2 windsurf wing. Tried it and it worked excellent for light winds and riding swell, so I put it on a larger board and went out for a surf. Somehow the swell was perfect 3-5′ slow peelers, so paddling in and catching my first wave went great. Even got something like a 50 yard ride. Blew my mind how good it made our windswell type waves. The speed, manoverability, and possibilities for long rides just consumed my mind for a long time. Totally hooked at that point and just wanted to try every foil I could get my hands on. West Michigan is an awesome place to foil when the waves are on. 100s of spots, Long walkable jetties, mushy swell, long rides, easy walk back out, and no crowds.

    Nowadays I manage MACkites foil program. Lucky to be in a position to get my hands on all the newest gear and somehow get paid to test it all. Do my best to have stock of the latest and greatest as well as affordable ways for newbies to get into foiling without breaking the bank. I also write and manage most of our foil content from Foil Fridays youtube series, blogs, reviews, comparisons, refrence material, ect…

    Always happy to respond to questions, offer honest advice.

    I kite, surf, SUP, wing, wake, Wind foil. Kite foil the most because that is what the condiditons offer here, but really love the surf and wing foiling aspect. Most days, just happy to be on the water in any way.

    Zane Saenz

    Heyo I’m Zane Saenz I’m 16, I live on Oahu in Hawaii, and I prone and SUP foil a bunch.

    I ride all foils and foil boards by Blue Planet Surf over here. I love riding tiny boards like my 3’8″ prone and my 4’8″ SUP. At the moment I have my SUP board strapped up mainly for airs and more radical manuevers and all that good stuff.

    I had been riding normal SUPS and shortboards for a while and started foiling almost 2 years ago now. It’s so addicting and I love the endless and growing possibilities of what you can do on a foil in average or terrible surf. I’m a geek when it comes to foiling just like everyone else here even did a couple science fair projects at school on it so done a lot of technical research on it haha. My insta is @zanesaenz if you wanna send a message to chat about gear and progressive foiling or look at my content.

    Yeew stoked to have an official foiling forum haha!


    Hi all
    I’m Fergus Martin, I live at the southern most end of Western Australia. I’m 16 years old and have been foiling for just over a year now. I’ve pretty well been in the ocean all my life through surfing, sailing and surf life saving.

    I’ve Recently upgraded to an Axis foil and a Sunova 4’0 prone board and I am absolutely loving it. I’m at the stage where I can consistently link two waves together (my personal best 4) yet still feeling like I’ve only scratched the surface of the sports potential.

    Looking forward to foiling through 2020.


    Hey all !

    Cliffo here , been foiling for a few years now and still grin everytime I get to fly . I think the sensation of flying is surreal and super addictive

    Love being apart of the sport and watching it grow



    Hi –

    I’m bbqdsunfish here and on IG – Vic Velasco in the real world. Home is Oahu.

    I surf, windsurf, kite and am now trying to pull the foil into those.

    I’ve been foiling for over a year and have ridden Slingshot, Go Foil and Armstrong foils. They are all good and each has their own + & – (but the Armstrongs are just so smooth….).

    Learned to control the foil by windsurfing it (Starboard 7’4″ Hypernut, Go Foil M200, various sails). After that – started prone surf foiling and can’t stop.

    I shape my own surf and SUP boards, so it was a natural extension to shape foil boards. 5’6″, 185# – usually on a 4’10”.



    Yo I’m Rich. Known to most as Jamo.

    Started windsurfing at 5, kiting as soon as it hit Australia and now foiling.

    Mate dragged me kicking and screaming into foiling a year ago. Baby got in the way but have been pretty solid since September.

    Prone and wing. Used the gong foils till last week. Great entry point for a fair price. Can’t pump to save myself but plan on addressing that one day.

    Aiming for wing based downwinders then onto a SUP then a prone.

    Love it.



    Hey foil fanatics. My name is Dan Wood and I’m over here in Monterey, CA. When I’m not foiling or surfing I’m a commercial airline pilot for a major US carrier and I’ve always been in love with flying, which I guess explains my foil fever. The idea of combining my two passions is a dream come true. I’ve been mostly shortboard surfing for about 37 years and have wanted to foil surf ever since seeing Laird and Dave Kalama way back whenever that was. I’m so stoked to finally have the equipment available for us regular folks and although the learning curve has been steep, it’s been amazing being a small part of this new sport.

    So I’ve been at it almost two years now, beginning with a Gofoil Maliko on Sup/prone and now riding the GL 180 on the prone board. I’ve just recently started connecting waves on that wing and I’m just stoked on getting better. I love the foil community and I’m grateful to all the surfers here sharing their knowledge to help the rest of us. I hope my fails will lead to your success!


    Hey all, Neil Armstrong here (aka ‘Moonwalker’for obvious reasons!) and I live in Taiwan (originally from Noosa, OZ) – I’ve done plenty time on the e-foil, Fliteboard, but have yet to jump onto a regular foil board. btw – if anyone’s heading to Noosa, look up Lance at Fliteschool Noosa, an awesome guy – so any advice on boards or setups would be appreciated.

    I was a photojournalist for surf magazines for many years. I also edited the first surf magazine in Mandarin, we went for 5 issues. I still have all my equipment and shoot regularly.

    There are a bunch of waves here suitable for foiling, looking forward to getting amongst it!
    I’m also an owner and operator of surf tour company SurfTaiwan – (not sure if I can put a link here?) But I’ll put more info in the foil camps section if anyone’s interested.

    Looking forward to hearing about everyones foiling journeys – and I’ll be sure to add my own ups, downs and wipeouts once I get a nice rig together!

    Cheers, Neil ‘Moonwalker’ Armstrong : )


    Hey Dan, what size board are you using for prone foiling? And where are you riding around Monterey? I’ve spent a bunch of time there and especially Santa Cruz when I was shooting for surf Mags. Definitely a beautiful spot in the world.
    Cheers and thanks, Neil ‘Moonwalker’ Armstrong


    Hey Moonwalker. Monterey is a tough place to foil but there are some waves when the surf isn’t too big. There’s a short cove wave in Pebble Beach at Seal Rock (aptly named) and some of the local beaches like Asilomar can occasionally be good when the conditions are really small and otherwise bad for surfing. There are some other setups that we’ve been looking at but kelp and rocks are the main issues. Also up the coast in Marina there are are miles of empty beach where you can get a soft chip in on the high tides before the sand bars start getting hollow but again the swell has to be on the small side. So it’s not great but we do get our fix. Lately I’ve been heading up to cowells when the tide is on the high side before it gets crowded. You can get some incredibly long rides there. Happy to point you in the right direction when you come up next time. Drop me an email


    Cheers Dan, yes that’s what I was thinking with the profusion of kelp there – must be tough. But Cowells is a great spot, we’ve just had some clients with us last month from there. They say the sand is the best it’s been for years. Enjoy! What size board and foil are you using for there?

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