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    Hello, I hope everyone is doing well during this pandemic. As the beaches are closed, I think its time to move behind the boat some more. Does anyone own or recommend any super small wake foil boards? Maybe from 3ft-4.5ft. Small enough to really feel the foil. Always saw Slingshot as a good choice, but $800+ for a 3”6. Was looking at the DWARF CRAFT 3’6″. It looks like a super sick board that’s well made. But maybe some of yall got some better recommendations.

    Thanks again, hope everyone is staying safe! YEw!


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    I’ve been looking a combo dock-start and wake-foil board. Here’s what I’ve turned up, but both are quite expensive. Also, I’m not quite sure how it will be like trying to get out of the water behind a boat on such a small board. They’re super light for pumping though. If I found one used for half price or so, I might pull the trigger


    Freedom Foil Boards makes a small board specific for this purpose


    I have been foiling on a lift board with a 200 wing – can’t say enough good things about it. It’s their wake focused board, so 4’8” and 24liters.

    Here’s a quick video…

    Also, recently foiled the Armstrong 1600 using an old wakesurf board using a foil mount. The wing was great, but I wouldn’t recommend using a board like that, just didn’t work as well.


    All these boards are silly. Boat starting, like kiting, you want as little volume as possible to be able to sink the rail to get an edge to engage the foil. My budget for boards in thus category would be $300 for one that is all carbon and shit. Skimboard or lunch tray style board works great. 18*48 if you need help and go all e way down to 14*32 if you have a big wing and know your business. I just heat gun bend a sheet of 3/4 divinycell and glass the shit out of it but for the micro sizes plywood is fine

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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