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    Hey guys love the info on this forum. Heard about it on the progression project. I live in New Jersey and been losing it on this foil. Absolutely love it. Been prone foiling for about 2-3 months now and just recently started tow foiling. I’ve noticed cracking occurring over the past couple uses at the top of the mast. Is this an issue or is this normal wear and tear? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Please see the photos attached. Thanks in advance. – Ed

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    Many questions!

    1.How much movement is there?
    2.Can you see movement in the crack?
    3.Is does moving it push water in and out?
    4.Have you reached out to go-foil?

    This plate construction is pretty bomb proof from what i understand and my guess would be that its just a bit of fairing around that joint thats cracking but that depends on the answers to the above! Out of the water, standing on the bottom of the board and moving it by hand there should be 0 movement, even leaning on it pretty hard. If you can feel any movement or hear any noises from that joint somethings definitely wrong.


    1. There is a little play but not much movement. I can see water being pushed out when I push it side to side.
    2. Not really seeing that much movement yet.
    3. Yes it does push water out.
    4. Alex from Go Foil answered my email and said to keep riding it but check to see if there is side to side movement. He said once it gets to about 1/16″ side to side to ship it back to him and he will fix it. He said this is an issue they have been having with these solid pieces. I am probably going to ship it to him soon but can’t see myself out of the game for 2+ weeks so I am comtemplating buying another mast first. (Slight Addiction)

    Thanks for the help,


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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