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    Are you shimming you’re Gl 180 tail? I’m 155lbs and mostly surfing a prone board in small surf with the wide pedestal tail cut to 15”. I’ve shimmed the front screw and it was a bit too much lift for me, prefer neutral, but I haven’t tried the back screw yet to give downward pitch. Is anyone doing that? I’ll try it next time and report back.

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    I did it for one sesh and it wasn’t working well for me. Neutral is the right amount for me.


    GL-180 is my favorite wing right now. I’m 175 pounds and prefer to ride it w no shim. I can see how you might get too much lift out of it at times-especially if you’re in waves bigger than waist high. Shimming less lift would probably be a good idea. Let us know how it goes.


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