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    Time to fess up. I was thinking about this the other day in regards to beginning foilers. I have had so many frustrating sessions in my development as a foiler. Nobody really talks about it, or posts about it.
    A tapestry of obscenity still hangs over the Gulf of Mexico from my early days of foiling. It seems like I was trapped in a pattern for quite a while of alternating between breakthrough session and frustration session.
    Was this unique to me (I admit that I’m a slow learner), or did you guys experience similar frustrations?
    We don’t want the younglings to get the idea that it’s not as much fun as they thought it would be and want to give up.
    Fess up

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    I’m right with ya Eric as are all my friends that get into foiling. I call it foiling Tourettes. Even the guys learning to kite foil will get it. You’ll hear a faint cursing of the foil, kite, board, paddle, ocean mixed in with some funny course words. I haven’t met anyone that has gotten past the learning part without paying their dues. I was learning to sup foil in Cocoa Beach and my buddy thought I drowned 3X that day. Got out of the water and had cuts from the foil and dings on my board from my helmet. That was a common day for me while learning. Really makes me appreciate the ride now and the progression of gear. The beatings were so worth the outcome. So anyone still struggling, keep with it. It’ll eventually be more better days than bad days.

    Foil Feed

    It’s all part of the learning process! Even pro surfers have to learn to foil, they don’t just get on a foil and rip.

    I certainly had my struggles. Two steps forward one step back seems to be the process. The learning process and seeing yourself progress over time is part of what makes it so addictive! It’s so cliche but you really can learn something from every session.

    I found (and still do find) most of my frustrating sessions are usually after I have foiled for 4 or more days in a row and my body is tired. Generally my best sessions are after 2 days or more of not foiling and I’m well rested.

    In saying that, it’s a roll of the dice some days, sometimes you think watch out Kai Lenny! The next day you wonder where it all went wrong.


    I have just started and had about 7 sessions, coming from a surfing background very surprised how much I have struggled and consistently thrown, I watched endless YouTube videos Kai Lenny etc.. I have found naturally I have a low almost crouched surfing stance and once I learnt to stand up straighter open my shoulders it allows me to put the weight down on my front foot,I think at the start don’t worry about style you can adjust it once you get good,I have had some success and during those rides,and have felt stable and as short as those rides have been it is definitely motivating to feel a bit of control, very exciting sport and can’t wait to progress. Thanks Conan

    Kane DW

    The best way to improve and cut down on frustration sessions is to watch yourself and others! Picking the right conditions and gear also makes a big difference! Good things to looks for while watching videos are body position and movement while turning, position on the wave, and how they read the wave!

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