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    Here is my latest stab, it’s a forward swept design, with some research the properties of this design lends itself very well to foiling especially when our speed is controlled ultimately by the front wing.

    I’m 3 surf’s in and it’s been the absolute quietest my setup has ever been, the turns feel amazing (on axis short fuse) all I can hear is the mast going though the water.
    Pumping has only been ok not sure if I’m still getting used to the change or if I need to tweak design

    Span: 300mm (just under 12″)
    Chord 70mm with 30mm sweep
    Thickness 3mm (might shape up a 4mm one next)

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    what’s the idea behind a forward sweep?


    I had two reasons,
    1 was to move the effective tail position forward slightly improving turning characteristics.
    2 the design of the forward sweep causes the turbulence (that would normally leave the tips of the tail on a conventional tail design), to leave in the centre of the tail (at the fuselage) further enhancing the turning abilities (I hoped) by keeping the turbulence deeper below the surface.


    This is fantastic! I haven’t seen a forward swept stab before. I’ve seen the forward swept Horue front wing–they seem to have success with that.

    I’d love to try one.

    This type of backyard innovation will really push the progression of the gear, in my opinion. Keep up the progression and experimentation!!


    🤙 #VstaB 🤙
    I tried it with a little more angle of attack one credit card shim and it had a little too much front foot pressure for my liking and didn’t feel as smooth as previous but the pumping was much easier so I’ll put that down to just getting used to the change.

    (Decent sized waves shoulder high with lots of energy in them and a slight onshore breeze)

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