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    After my initial foil fever where I would force a foil into any situation. Now it’s another tool in my car. In the winter I’m probably 75% normal board because the waves I surf are overhead and to steep to drop in with a foil. In the summer I’m probably 95% foil as the summer waves are just boring on a standard board.

    I am surprised that guys in Hawaii especially can forego surfing a standard board. You can say it’s to get away from crowds, but Maui and Oahu video’s show 50 foiler’s out at spots. So when was the last time you rode a standard board?

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    I try to always have both styles of boards in the car, unless I have a time limit.

    I foil a lot more these days, but usually because I see the crowd waiting for mediocre waves and say,”I’ll just see how busy it is at the end of the lot…” and end up foiling because there is almost nobody out.


    I just can’t stand going slow. I only surf with my kids. Early on, I often looked at days that had size and juice and said “not good for foil.” I don’t say that anymore. Shin high to overhead–foil is the appropriate tool. No switching for me.


    Over 6ft surf
    Under 6ft foil

    I’ve been surfing way too much this past week, hoping the surf drops a bit to get back on foil tomorrow!


    I have only shortboarded once in over 18months…it was ugly, I’m just scared about the 3 weeks plus it will take me to start feeling right.


    Loyal to the foil


    I second bigmtn’s opinion – >6′ surf, <6′ foil

    I’ll add a tide factor – if <1′ surf, >1′ foil I’d rather not get pissed if my wings touch bottom.


    I used to say I would only foil on the crappy surf days but I’m now obsessed with foiling and getting better. For this reason I’ve found myself passing on good waves more than a few times to drive to a foil spot. Just surfed a few times this week and I felt wobbly just paddling! Ideally I’d love to be 50/50 but last year it’s more 70/30. 70 being the foil. Foil Brain!


    99% Loyal


    Always loyal!


    I switch constantly. In the past 5 days I’ve kitesurfed 3 sessions (including this morning), prone foiled 4 or 5 sessions, shortboarded twice, and SUP’d without a foil once.

    Going back to the shortboard after foiling is difficult, even paddling feels bizarre and sketchy but it’s so fun hitting sections with reckless abandon and doing floaters etc.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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