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    I saw a video today about foilsurfing and I immediately wanted to try it out. But I have some questions before I can have a board.
    My situation: I live in Estonia, where is no waves and I do not have a boat also. That is why I like to foilsurf, because i saw that it can be done only by just pushing movement.
    What kind of board I should get myself for this kind of action? Foilsup, foilsurf, foilkite, foilwind? What is the difference between them?
    Which foils and stabiliser i should choose? A wide, narrow, thin, thick, large, small, wavy, with curved ends etc.?
    What kind of mast length I should choose?
    My goal is to get the feeling of riding easily at first by pumping and then if I will be advanced, I can always change them.
    I have surfed, SUPped, and windsurfed a little also before.

    Joosep Sarapuu

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