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    I’ve had four solid prone foil sessions on the Axis setups.
    I typically ride in dismal knee-to-waist high surf and weigh 170lbs, am intermediate/advanced and usually ride the NP Medium Slim in all conditions.

    Just got the Axis setup, ultrashort fuse, 75cm mast, Kane tail. Axis quality seems excellent and the parts are very well thought out. I’ve hit the reef several times with the wings and so far they are unscathed.

    Overall I really like the NP Medium slim for surfing, its an excellent wing that can be turned very hard and builds great speed with roundhouse cuttys on the wave, pumps well for it’s size and can handle decent size/speed waves. Above knee high this is an excellent wing and I still use it. It’s also great for kite foiling.

    I have wanted a wing for downwind runs and pumping around for some time, NP is terrible at satisfying the insatiable disease of foil-upgraditis so I went with an Axis setup.

    I demo’d the 1150: Massive wingspan. This wing is crazy, you feel like you can just hover in place the stall speed is so low. Pumping is absurdly easy. The turning is very poor however especially considering breeching limitations. Not usable for surf, probably good for winging although I’m not sure if it would be enjoyable given the lack of turning.

    I bought the 1010: Great wing. With the ultrashort and kane tail I can turn quite hard with this wing. The big turning limitation is breeching with such a wide wingspan. I’ve done some great prone downwinders with this wing, chip in on shorebreak and pump out. I’ve also had by far the longest rides/waves of my life with this wing. Can cruise without pumping on shin-high rollers. Surfing this wing is like surfing a long-board, smooth longer turns with nice flow. Stall speed is similar to NP Medium Slim although take-off speed seems a bit higher and I can’t ollie onto foil very well yet.

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