Fernando Novaes

We catch up with Brazilian, Fernando Novaes!
Learn more about his passion for foiling!

Fernando “Mizo” Novaes
35 yo
Santos, Brasil

How did you get into foiling?

I have always dreamt of flying above the surface of the water. I was into SUP paddling and saw videos of Kai Lenny starting to do downwind runs on a Hydrofoil.
After that I bought my first foil and that started everything.

When did you start foiling?

I started at the beginning of 2016. I rode the SUP for a month or so then I tried behind the boat and everything became way easier. After 2 months of foiling I got a 4’0 board that Alexander Tavares made and then right away I got into prone foiling.

What’s the foiling scene like in Brazil?

There are a lot of people riding foils in Brazil. Its growing little by little. I think people are being more receptive as it grows. Its definitely expensive and hard to learn.

Brazil has some of the best surfers in the world, are they embracing foiling?

I think the competitors are still focused on shortboard riding. To learn foiling does takes a lot of time and dedication and I don’t see much interest from them. But yeah there are some guys out of the world tour that are amazing surfers and they are exploring foiling as well.

What’s the attraction of foiling?

The variety of ways you can foil. From prone surfing or SUP surfing, Jumpstarts, downwinders, big waves, small waves, rivers, ocean, etc.
I enjoy the silence, speed, high performance and connection to multiple waves is very unique.

What’s next for your foiling?

Well I’m really focused on learning more and more about foiling. From riding or studying the science and engineering behind it. I don’t know what the future holds for foiling but I want to be there!


I’m always changing boards.
3’7 reconstructed from a 4’0
4’2 by my friend Pipo
5’5 SUP – Wave riding
6’0 SUP – Downwinders and boat wakes


I’m always testing different foils. I think a great way to learn and evolve is to try different equipment I’m lucky enough to ride Lift Foils, Uni Foil and F-one Foil and love them all.

A huge thank you to Mizo for taking the time to share his passion for foiling with us all. ?

September 2, 2019

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