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So much history to uncover! We get to know John Amundson from Amundson Customs on the North Shore of Oahu Hawaii who has been shaping since 1985!

Tell us about your own foiling journey.

I have foiled for about 17 or 18 years now. Shortly after Laird and the boys on Maui came up with a tow in foil set up I was approached by a good friend and top North Shore waterman, Guy Perre, to parter up on a foil board. We built one of the first (if not the first) foil boards on Oahu. This contraption weighed about 30 pounds and we would strap in with snow board boots. On top of that, the foil technology was nothing like our current foils which limited the surf we rode to the rather large size. I absolutely loved the feeling of riding the foil but could not wrap my head around the eventual swim in snow board boots. I gave it up after the first year.

That board later became a summer time kite foil board. This was kinda boring just mowing the lawn back and forth. I gave that up after a few summers.

THEN, about 2 years ago, my good friend Guy Perre came to me again looking for my help on building a modern surf foil board. When he started showing me videos of himself and hearing that stoke in his voice, I was hooked and built my new model foil surf set up. At the moment I ride between 4’6’’ and 5’2’’ depending on surf conditions.

How long have you been making foil boards?

I have been making foil boards for about 18 years and surfboards for about 35 years. I have made every type of surfboard (long board, short board fish and finless), kite boards (surf, twin tip, foil and skim), foil (early tow in, kite, SUP and modern surf), SUP (race, surf, and foil), prone paddle (stock and unlimited).

What’s a quick rundown of the shaping process?

I am one of the few who builds from start to finish. I CAD design in my office, mill on my in house CNC machine, hand shape final touches in my shaping room and then glass. Recently demand has been very high, I have been outsourcing some of my glass work and also building a full line of production boards.

What makes your boards different from other foil boards?

I would have to fall back on my previous statement, I rely heavily on rider feedback and have a wide range of customers who give me that feedback. The years of working with a wide range of composites/materials, vacuum laminating and listening to my riders/customers gives Amundson Customs a huge edge on the competition.

What new boards can we expect from you in the next year or so?

I have been working with some very creative minds here in Hawaii on new design concepts. It is a little early to say but you will see some dramatically new designs shortly. I am now offering vacuum bagged carbon which is a much lighter and stronger version of what we commonly see on the market now.


3’10’’, 4’0’’, 4’6’’, 4’10’’, 5’0’’, 5’2’’, 5’6’’, 5’10’’ and 6’0” Fin box:

Stock boards are available in plate mount only. Custom are available in plate, Tuttle or both

Price guide:

Stock boards (production) $950 USD and custom 6’0’’ and under start at $1,150 USD.


Worldwide ? and I have distributors in Japan and New Zealand.


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September 2, 2019

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